Things you need to have in order to get Married :

  • Notary ( inability to appear paper work completed )

We can provide a notary if you can not obtain one

  • Valid I.D. for both spouses ( if you do not have id 25 charge will be added)

We Can obtain your marriage license without an I.D.

  • Must have a current receipt of the money deposited on to the inmate books

We need this to obtain you marriage license

  • Make an appointment to perform ceremony

After getting your marriage license we setup a time and date to perform your vowel ceremony


*We do perform weddings ceremony’s once the inmate comes home just make an appointment*

*Also perform ceremony’s in court if you obtain permission from judge and court*


If you do not have a valid ID We do Accept:
•International Drivers License
•Matricula Consular with birth Certificate Translated in English (must be translated by notary)
•Passport from any Country
•Drivers License from any Country
•Resident Alien Card (Green Card)
• Voters registration with birth certificate

Facilities we work in are :

  • Men’s Central Jail
  • Twin Towers Correctional Facility I and II
  • Pitchess Detention Center
  • Theo Lacy Facility
  • Santa Ana Main Jail

Prices :

  • With a Valid I.D. for both spouses and notary not included

&450(license at city hall is 65.00) notary service and the marriage license is included in the $450

  • Without a Valid I.D. for either spouse and notary not included

$500(license at city hall is 89.00)notary service and marriage license is included in the $500

Notary that is provided service charge is 125.00

*We do provide a payment plan but not with notary*no refund once the notary starts the process.