Twin towers jail weddings

We do weddings all of Southern Californiawe are happy to perform your Wedding ceremony it is our duty to make the bride and groom very happy and like to give you details and prices of our service with marriage license and notary service for Theo Lacy jail with ID is $450.without id is $500 we do have a payment plan for Santa Anna Main Jail with ID it’s $450 Without ID is $500 also with the payment plan. For pitches a $600 with out Id . With ID for Pitchess is $550. Los Angeles County men’s central jail twin towers is $500 with ID without ID it’s $550.any state prisons we will discuss on a later time .once we start your process with the notary there is no refund what so ever.we will be happy to do your wedding ceremony at any time Friday Saturday Sunday visiting hours only.ceremonies are performed behind the glass unfortunately that’s the way the jail allows us to perform the ceremony .I hope you book your jail wedding soon .you have a blessed day thank you.

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